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Just 3 steps to make a huge difference

Fundraising Can Achieve

  • £5 could provide the volunteer to push a child’s wheelchair, allowing their parents to see their faces light up with joy as they experience the holiday of a lifetime
  • £15 could buy 1 hour of practical and emotional support from our Family Services team when families need it most.
  • £50 could provide a short break activity for a disabled child to learn new skills and make friends

The Children’s Activities Association is launching a fund to provide grants to give children the chance to experience many of the wonderful activities available and benefit from the numerous health, well-being, educational and social advantages these can bring.  Grants will be provided both to individual children and to community projects.

All funds raised will be shared between Caudwell Children (80%) to provide life changing services for disabled children and the Children’s Activities Association (20%) to help give more children access to the many wonderful activities across the UK.

Register here to be part of Children’s Activities Week and you will receive your “Official Registered Provider” banner to use online.

By the end of March you will receive your
PR and fundraising pack(s) by post including the following:

Stickers for children
20 A5 leaflets
2 Brand boards for photos
Collection box
Information about the week
How to use the week to promote your activity
Instructions for collecting and paying in donations
Paying In slip
Gift Aid/Prize Draw form

All of these are available as digital downloads too plus:

Template press release and supporting instructions
Social media images and example posts

Further fundraising packs or individual printed materials can be requested via our contact us page.

How Fundraising And Donations Work

  • Tell parents/carers about the £3 suggested donation and the prize  draw and get them thinking about a flying themed outfit for their child
  • inspire them with our FREE e-book about children’s activities
  • let them know that you could win a visit from Peter Andre if you are the shooting star for the week
  • send your local media your press release and invite them to your activities during the week
  • invite local celebrity or sporting stars
  • Most importantly have lots of fun
  • Collect donations by cash (or refer parents on line)
  • Ask parents to complete their details to enter the prize draw and for gift aid
  • Ensure every child has a special sticker and you take lots of photos to share #WatchMeFly

Pay cash directly to Caudwell Children using the Paying In slip provided in your fundraising pack.

Provide details of your total donation via the Donate page for info-only, ensuring that you select you/your activity & load up gift aid/prize draw form.


Pay the donations cash into your own account.

Then donate via the Donate page ensuring that you select you/your activity & upload copies of the gift aid/prize draw forms.

There is a suggested £3 donation for being part of #WatchMeFly during Children’s Activities Week.

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